Paper Surveys and Evaluations

Administering a PAPER SURVEY? We can help!

For only $300 we will …

  • Create a 1 page,  machine-readable survey form based on your requirements and provide you with a print-ready PDF
  • Scan up to 1000 survey pages
  • Provide you a data file and reports

Contact us

Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will provide you with a free quote within one business day.

But that's not all - we can ...

  • Design multi-page surveys.
  • Design surveys in different languages.
  • Pre-populate surveys with variable data such as workshop/session titles, session objectives, presenter names,…
  • Print the forms and ship them to you, your customer, or your conference venue

  • Handle forms batched by workshop/session
  • Scan many more than 1000 forms for only 15¢/page

  • Create custom reports, such as:
    • … frequency reports for each workshop/session.
    • … clipped comments reports for each workshop/session
    • … typed comment reports for each workshop/session
    • …. response graphs in Excel format you can easily lift into your final report.
    • …. summary/analysis reports