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How Do I…?


To upload scanned answer sheets, click on ‘Upload PDF/TIF images of scanned answer sheets’ from the Home screen or Tests screen of your account.


Select the type of test you are uploading (SAT-4page or ACT-2page) and the test date. Then select the PDF or TIF files you want to upload for processing and grading. You can use the green <+Add files…> button or drag files onto the canvas.


On the Review screen you can look at individual pages by selecting them in the left pane and fixing any entries in the middle pane. A page with a questionable entry (in the example below a double-mark in the student ID) is flagged with a red triangle, which changes into a red triangle with green check mark as soon as the page is viewed.


When you have reviewed all data, select all the pages you want and send them back to by clicking on the blue button. The data is now automatically graded against the answer key specified on the form.

STEP 1 allows you to add and edit existing answer keys. There are a couple ways to do this: 1. You can enter the answer key manually or 2. You can upload a csv file – either one you have created yourself or one from our library of answer key files or 3. You can contact us and have us create a csv file based on answer key information you provide us. (A fee may apply.)

Click on KEYS in the menu bar and then click on the answer key field for the desired test.


By far the easiest method is to find your answer key in our library and to then upload it.


Adding keys manually involves a fair amount of typing – especially when it comes to entering scales.

Students can be added in two ways. 1. By uploading a list of students or 2. By adding a student profile manually. Both methods are accessed through the Admin Panel of the .

When selecting ‘Upload List’ you have the opportunity to download a sample list which can be edited, or you can of course create one from scratch. The csv file needs to have a header row with field names as displayed on the page:

To create student profiles manually, simply enter the requested information and click save. If you have previously set up classes you can also assign the new student to one or more classes. And you can assign the student to be able fill out online answer sheets for any of the tests (answer keys!) you have set up in your account.