New PSAT bubblesheet

We are updating the PSAT form very soon. Currently we are using a 2-page form, the new form is more compact and is a 1-page form. If you have any concerns about our abandoning [...]

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ACT C03 December 2019

Key for ACT C03 December 2019 Now Available The key for ACT C03 from December 2019 is now available in our OnlineScoreTracker as key #73. OnlineScoreTracker will generate a basic report for this [...]

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Help Us Design 2020

Help us Design 2020 Two big enhancements to the OnlineScoreTracker for 2020 are: New Student Reports for SAT/PSAT, ACT Practice Questions We would love to get your input as we create the specifications [...]

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PSAT 8/9 – PreACT – PreACT 8/9

We are looking to add support for PSAT 8/9, PreACT, and preACT 8/9 to our system in the first quarter of 2020. Anyone interested? Does anyone have answer keys for practice tests? Please contact [...]

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SAT #10

Thanks to one of our customers we were finally able to get our hands on the scales for CollegeBoard's Practice Test #10 from The Official SAT Study Guide 2020 Edition (ISBN 978-1-4573-1219-9). This [...]

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