Calling all customers!

We are in the final stages of starting the white-labeling of a very good mobile OMR solution. We’ve tested the solution extensively and have outlined what customizations need to happen to make it perfect for the SAT/ACT grading environment. Once we drop the flag it should only take 3 weeks to launch.

All that is needed is your feedback on financials and function.

1. Would having the ability for students to reliably scan their marked up bubble sheets using their phone benefit your business? If so, how much? Would you be willing to pay an extra $50, $100, $300, $500 this year to have this ability at your disposal? This isn’t a rhetorical question, I really need to know how much of a premium you’d be willing to pay for this function.

2. I also want to have your feedback on the function, so below I have outlined how BubbleScan Mobile will work. If you have any feedback, questions, or suggestions, I would love to hear about it right away. We want to decide whether to proceed or walk away from it by the end of the month (July 2022).  This is your opportunity to vote on a significant new feature, how it should work and if it should be launched at all.  Please take the time to complete the short survey or give me a call or email me directly.

Thank you for your continued business and your cooperation.

Joerg Weser

Click here to complete the 4-question survey.


Draft Mobile ACT          Draft Mobile SAT

Here are preliminary designs of the SAT and ACT forms we will be using. There is a place for the student ID and test ID, but when a student scans and submits, we will use the student ID from the profile he/she logged in with and the test ID from the test he/she selected. The bubbled in student ID  and test ID will be important when an instructor scans tests from multiple students. We thought it would be less confusing to have just one mobile SAT form than a different one for student (without student ID and test ID) and an instructor (with student ID and test ID). What do you think? One form for both uses, or separate forms for each?


Proposed Function of BubbleScan Mobile:

  1. Student downloads BubbleScan Mobile from Google Play or App Store.
  2. Student is prompted for the vendor code. (If you have a better name of it, let me know. Right now we want to call it vendor code.) By default this will be the account prefix you use for OnlineScoreTracker. But you can change it. It just needs to be unique. The app will store this code and not prompt for it again. The student can of course change that code through a menu.
  3. Student now enters their credentials. We will verify that this student has an active profile in your account. The app saves the credentials and next time we automatically log the student in and all he/she sees is the next screen (#4: Which test do you want to scan? Their username would be displayed at the top and they can of course log out at any time.)
  4. Student selects a test he wants to scan. This list will be pulled from the Online Tests menu of each student account. This is the same place where you currently specify where a student can TAKE A TEST through their student portal. In this menu, you will have an additional option where you indicate if your Online Test will be one the student scans through BubbleScanMobile or if they will enter their answers through the Online Answer Sheet (which is what we have been doing for a few years now).
  5. The student now scans the first page and then the second. The SAT, PSAT, and ACT forms will all be 2 pages.
  6. The student can review the data.
  7. The student submits the data and is then redirected to a website. You select where the student should go next. By default it will be their OnlineScoreTracker student portal so they can view their scores.

Click here to complete the 4-question survey.

And on a side-note, if you are not a user of the OnlineScoreTracker grading system and would still like to have BubbleScan Mobile read SAT, ACT, PSAT forms and send the data directly to your website or to our website where you can then download it… we are totally open to implementing that as well.