This is an overview of our current pricing.

Credits are purchased from within your account. If you haven’t created your free account (which comes with 5 credits to start you off with) click here to sign up now.

1 credit = 1 test

2 credits = UNLIMITED grading for 1 student for 1 month

A month starts from the day that you the grade the first test for your student (e.g. begin: Jan 13th, end: Feb 12th). When you grade the first test, we will charge 1 credit. When you grade a second test for that student in that month we will charge a 2nd credit. Grading any additional tests for that student for that month will not incur any additional charges.

Have certain seasons that are slower than others? No problem. Credits are good for a full year.

40 Credits

  • $1.75 per credit

100 Credits

  • $1.50 per credit

500 Credits

  • $1.25 per credit

1000 Credits

  • $1.00 per credit