For Schools: Prep Test Grading Service

Administer a practice ACT or SAT without the hassle, 
But with great reports for students and teachers.

How BubbleScan Works:

  1. YOU send us a list of student names and the IDs they will be using for the test.
  2. WE send you ACT or SAT answer sheets prefilled with the student names and IDs.
  3. YOU administer the test and mail the answer sheets back to us.
  4. WE scan answer sheets and generate an individual report for each student (PDF) and summary report for your teaching staff (Excel).
  5. We email you the reports within 3 business days from receiving your answer sheets.

Which Tests do we Support?

We can provide detailed reports for the following tests:

SAT: Collegeboard 2015/2016 Practice Tests #1-#4

ACT: ACT 2015/2016 Practice Text (1572CPRE)

Where do you get Practice Tests?

  • We provide a grading service and are not authorized to distribute tests by ACT or the CollegeBoard.
  • ACT provides one official practice test every year.  You can download the current test from their website or contact them to have them send you free printed copies.
  • CollegeBoard’s tests are freely available on their website.
  • If you google for it, you will easily find other tests on the internet.

Sample Student Reports:

Sample Summary Reports:


We help many SCHOOLS grade their practice exams quickly, reliably & affordably.