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  Online Score Tracker  Features:

Paper and Pencil:

Paper Tests

Easily grade students’ answer sheets.

  1. Print BubbleScan-compatible answer sheets (aka ‘scantrons’) on your laser printer.
  2. Scan answer sheets using a regular document scanner. Save as TIF or PDF.
  3. Upload TIF/PDF images to your PREP account for online OMR (aka ‘scantron’) processing

Click HERE to view and download our answer sheets.

Online/Mobile Answer Sheets:

Online Tests

Great for remote tutoring, homework assignments or for extra tests.

  • Assign specific tests to students or entire classes.
  • Students fill out online answer sheets through any browser. They can even type in an essay and you can lock online answer sheets after pre-set time expires.
  • Tests are graded immediately by the PREP.BubbleScan system

Professional Reports:

Beautiful, Customizable, Detailed Reports

  • Print and distribute beautiful reports or let students view them through their online portal.
  • Customize reports with your logo and your colors.
  • Add (optional) categories for detailed reports.

Click HERE to view a sample ACT report including the optional category report (pages 2 and 3).

Click HERE to view  a sample SAT report including the optional category report (pages 2 and 3).

Individual Student Panels:


Students can access their own personal Student Panel to:

  • view all their test scores
  • read messages you have left for them (including attachments)
  • fill out online answer sheets for tests you assigned to them or their class.

Student Panels are accessed through the web from any computer, including mobile devices.

Make it Your Own:

Own Colors-Logos

Customize your site with your colors and your logo.

Provide students with a custom link or host our sign-in panel on your website or bypass our sign-in panel if students have already been authenticated through your own site.

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