BubbleScan-Compatible Answer Sheets:

To ensure trouble-free processing make sure to read the instructions at the end.

NEW: Print bubble sheets prefilled with the student name, ID, and the test ID directly from your OnlineScoreTracker account.
Otherwise, you can also print these blank sheets below.

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ACT Practice Exam: Black & White 

SAT Practice Exam: Black & White (2 pg.)

SAT Practice Exam: Red (2 pg.)

PSAT Practice Exam: Black & White

SAT Subject Test Practice Exam: Black & White 

SSAT Practice Exam: Black & White 

SSAT B&W Answer Sheet

ISEE Practice Exam: Black & White 

ISEE B&W Answer Sheet

To ensure trouble-free processing

Our bubble sheets are simple to use, but there are a few things you should know before you start.

  • Download the PDF file for the specific Answer Sheet you need.  Simply click on the image of the answer sheet and then download the pdf that displays in your browser.
    DO NOT PRINT directly from the browser.
  • Print on a LASER printer at full size.   Printing directly from the Web browser or the default Windows PDF viewer, or printing on an inkjet printer can cause the image to be scaled down to the point where reliable OMR (aka ‘scantron’) reading cannot be assured. Use Adobe Reader (or Acrobat) and specify “Actual Size” in the print settings and print to a laser printer.
  • For Printing Color Sheets.   You must print the red answer sheets in color. When scanning, make sure to scan the sheet with ‘DROP OUT RED’ selected.

    DROP OUT RED is a feature supported by most desktop scanners, and may be called differently by your scanner’s manufacturer. Click here to view an example of a bubble sheet scanned with ‘DROP OUT RED’ enabled.

  • Student IDs.  Note that all the sheets include space for a student ID that can be up to 6 digits. Leading zeros (i.e. 001) will be ignored (i.e. the system will simply see it as a 1)
  • Use the right size paper.  All the answer sheets above are created on 8.5″ x 11″ paper. If you need print on A4, please contact us.
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