• BubbleScan OMR is Windows software. It will not run on a MAC or Chromebook.
  • Without a (paid) license code, the software will shut down after 5 pages are processed.
    See the information below for what to do to request a license code.
  • BubbleScan OMR transfers “raw” data into an Excel spreadsheet. Without an pre-programmed Excel spreadsheet it is useless.

How to obtain a license code:

  • After you have downloaded and installed the BubbleScan OMR software,  start it.
  • It will come up in DEMO mode.
  • To obtain a registration code, click on the link labeled “Click here to request a registration code.”
  • Complete the information on the web form and click SUBMIT.  Please allow us some time to verify your information before sending you a registration code so you can enter it into the box on the same screen.