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ACT C03 December 2019

Key for ACT C03 December 2019 Now Available

The key for ACT C03 from December 2019 is now available in our OnlineScoreTracker as key #73.

OnlineScoreTracker will generate a basic report for this test key.

Existing customer will need to activate this key.

Go to KEYS, select ACT, then scroll to #73 or search for C03. Select the key and choose ACTIVATE from the Dropdown menu.

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Help Us Design 2020

Help us Design 2020

Two big enhancements to the OnlineScoreTracker for 2020 are:

  1. New Student Reports for SAT/PSAT, ACT
  2. Practice Questions

We would love to get your input as we create the specifications for our development team.

Here are some higher level guidelines:

1. We do not want to create a stand-alone practice solution, but something that supports you, the tutor, our customer. Khan Academy and the ACT Online Prep are beautiful examples. We do want to develop something along those lines. But, again, our commitment is to you, the tutor, and we want our solution to support you.

2. Every test question can now be assigned to a difficulty level and up to three custom categories (or skills). The ability to do this is in place and has been for several weeks (or months). We want to modify our SAT/PSAT and ACT reports so they can utilize this additional information.

3. Our vision is that we our 2020 SAT/PSAT and ACT student reports provide very ‘actionable’ information to the student and the tutor. What should the student work on?

4. As the tutor you can then assign ‘practice modules’ to the student, which is a set of practice questions focused on a particular topic.

5. We will provide content, but you will have the ability to create your own list of custom categories/skills, your own questions, and assemble your own ‘practice modules’ using either your own questions or draw from our questions.

6. We will monitor the quality of questions using point-biserial correlation and the difficulty index. Our goal is to keep updating questions so eventually we only have the BEST questions in our system.

If you have thoughts or ideas regarding what should be on the new student reports, what they should look like, or how the ‘test questions’ should be handled, please reach out to me now (before the end of December 2019).  Thank you for being great customers. It’s a pleasure working with you and for you. – Joerg Weser

Contact me with ideas and comments
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PSAT 8/9 – PreACT – PreACT 8/9

We are looking to add support for PSAT 8/9, PreACT, and preACT 8/9 to our system in the first quarter of 2020.

Anyone interested? Does anyone have answer keys for practice tests?

Please contact me.

Joerg Weser

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SAT #10

Thanks to one of our customers we were finally able to get our hands on the scales for CollegeBoard’s Practice Test #10 from The Official SAT Study Guide 2020 Edition (ISBN 978-1-4573-1219-9). This answer key is listed as test/key ID #10 in our system. It is the same test as the retired test 5OSA03 from Oct 2018.

We have mapped the answers to our category list and student reports generated using our key will show the question category analysis.

As always you need to activate the key in your account before you can use it.

And you are welcome to use our key as a basis for your own custom category mapping.

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ACT #5 and SAT #9

A detailed student report is now available for Test #5 (19MC5)  from The Official ACT Prep Guide 2019/2020  – ISBN 978-1-119-58050-8. This answer key is listed as test/key ID #62. It is the same test as the retired test A10 from Dec 2017.

A detailed student report is also available for Practice Test #9 from College Board . This test is currently only available in the book The Official SAT Study Guide 2020 Edition (ISBN 978-1-4573-1219-9). This answer key is listed as test/key ID #9. It is the same test as the retired test 5NSA03 from Oct 2017.

Detailed student reports include a mapping of each question to a category, such as “Quadratic Equations” or “Radicals and Rational Exponents”.

For a complete list of our ACT and SAT categories, please click here.

Many of our customers enjoy the convenience of using our categories. However, if you would prefer to use your own, this is not a problem at all. Please contact us for more information on how to install your own list in your account and map answer keys to your custom ACT or SAT categories.

The new keys are automatically added to your account, but must be activated by you. Simply go to KEYS, click on either ACT or SAT, select the new test keys and choose “ACTIVATE” from the ACTION dropdown box.

We have not been able to obtain the scales and subscores for SAT Practice Test #10 (Oct 2018 QAS) in the same book. If you have access to them, please considering sharing them with us so we can add this test key to our database as well.

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Dropbox Integration

Connecting your OnlineScoreTracker account with your Dropbox folder requires 2 steps:

1. Create an “App” in your Dropbox account.

2. Configure your OnlineScoreTracker account.

1. Create an APP in your Dropbox account

1. Go to  https://dropbox.com/developers.

2. Log into your Dropbox account.

3. Click on “APP CONSOLE”.

4. Click on “Create App”.

5. Select “Dropbox API”.

6. Select “App Folder”.

7. Enter a UNIQUE folder name. We recommend “OnlineScoreTracker_company prefix“.

8. Click on “Create App”.

1. Configure your OnlineScoreTracker account

This creates your Dropbox app and takes you to the app parameters.

Before we generate and retrieve the parameters we need to properly configure your OnlineScoreTracker account, log into your OnlineScoreTracker account (as ADMIN!), go to Tools – Preferences – Third Party Connections. Now copy the necessary parameters from your Dropbox app into the corresponding OnlineScoreTracker fields:

9. Copy and paste the “App key”.

10. “Show” and then copy and paste the “App secret”.

11. “Generate” and then copy and paste the “Generated access token”.

Your Dropbox folder will be in a directory called ‘Apps’ within your Dropbox account.

A word about security:

If you feel the security has been compromised, simply generate and copy/paste a new access token.

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6 more SAT Subject KEYS

We added answer keys for six more tests to our database.

The tests are from College Board’s Official SAT Subject Test books for Mathematics 2 and Physics, with ISBN 978-1457309328 and 978-1457309212 respectively.

As always, you will need to activate the new keys in order to use them.

If you want to start grading SAT Subject tests through your OnlineScoreTracker account, just contact us.

There is no charge for enabling SAT Subject tests. You will be billed for grading tests just for any other test:

1 credit = 1 test

2 credits = UNLIMITED grading for 1 student for 1 month

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Detailed Reports for PSAT #1 and #2

Detailed reports are now available for the official practice tests #1 and #2 from the College Board.

The detailed reports are automatically activated if you are using our SYSTEM KEYS. If you are using your own copy of these keys, you can easily deactivate your own keys and activate the SYSTEM KEYS. Just go to the KEYS menu in your OnlineScoreTracker account, select PSAT and then activate/deactivate keys as desired.

The categories used for the PSAT mapping are the same as used when mapping SAT keys. For details, please check here.

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SAT Subject Test Grading now available

Are you grading practice SAT Subject tests?

The OnlineScoreTracker now supports it. 12 answer keys from ‘The Official Study Guide, 2nd Edition” are already in our database.

Please contact us to have this test type enabled for your account. There is no charge for having this test type enabled. You will be charged CREDITS for grading just as with any other of our supported test types.

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ACT Official Prep Guide Test #4

A detailed report for Test #4 in the Official ACT Prep Guide 2018-2019 is now available in your OnlineScoreTracker account. The test is listed as 18MC4 and is identical to the test ACT administered June 2017 (74C).

Detailed reports provide additional insights in how a student performs within a given ‘question category’. The OnlineLineScore tracker system allows all tutoring companies to create their own list of unique question categories and then map each test question to one of these question categories. For those who don’t want to take the time to map their practice tests, we have created a comprehensive category list and mapped out the most popular tests. Test #4 of the Official ACT Prep Guide 2018-2019 is now part of that.

To use this new answer key, go to KEYS – ACT – and then activate key #69.

If you prefer to create your own category map for this key, then don’t activate our system key. Instead, you may ADD a new key and select to create a copy of our system key.

You are then free to assign your own categories to each test question by editing the new answer key:

If you would like to review our list of question categories to see if they would work for you, click here. System keys with ‘detailed reports’ will use these question categories. Once you create your own copy from one of our system keys, however, this mapping is invalidated by your own list of custom question categories. If you are interested in installing our (system) list into your OnlineScoreTracker account, you may download the pre-formatted list here.you may download the pre-formatted list here.

If you have keys you have questions or would like to have us add to our database, please contact us.

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