New Dashboard The admin’s home page has received a face lift. The links to the two main tasks are now more prominently displayed. They are to UPLOAD PDFs/TIFS of scanned answer sheets and DOWNLOAD AND PRINT answer sheets.

A short account summary shows when the account was established. This not only makes us feel good that we have had you as a customer for a long time, but also serves as a reminder for when annual renewals are due. The account summary also includes a current count of active student, instructor and supervisor accounts.  Remember that we bill by active student account per month. You are responsible for deactivating accounts that are no longer used. An ‘active’ student account is necessary for a student’s test to be graded and for that student to log into their student panel to view test scores and messages you may have left him/her, or to fill out online answer sheets.
New to the account summary is also a running total of how many tests you have graded using our solution in the current month, last month, and current year.  We do believe we provide an excellent value.  This little statistic hopefully validates our claim.

And last not least is the ‘BubbleScan Message’ box. Here we intend to notify you of new features, new tutorials, etc. With this message box on the dashboard comes our commitment to better document new features and to actually create tutorials. We’ve been so busy creating new things that I’m afraid few of our customers actually know what all they have signed up for and how to access it.