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Premium keys for The Official ACT Prep Guide 2016-2017 available

Premium keys for the three practice tests included in the The Official ACT Prep Guide 2016-2017 are now available through our online store.

We mapped all questions to the New Reporting Categories and also to our list of categories.

Tests graded using the premium keys will print a detailed question analysis on pages 2 and 3 of the student report.

Each premium answer key is available for a one time fee of $35 and  can be purchased online.

Click here to enter the online store now :
Test 1, Test 2, Test 3

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Answer key for ACT 74H Dec 2016 available

The answer key for ACT 74H from December 2016 is now available in our database.

Make sure to add it under ACT (2016) as this test uses the new ACT reporting categories which are supported through ACT (2016) in your account.

To install the new key in your OnlineScoreTracker.com account, click on KEYS, then on the number of keys for ACT (2016),



then Add ACT(2016) Answer Key

Then first click on the link to the library and download the 74H answer key (by clicking on the test name “74H” in the first column) and then select to “Upload a compatible ACT (2016) answer key file”, specify the downloaded file and upload it.



Note, ACT (2016) answer keys for tests 0964E and 1267C are also available ($15 each).

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Select ALL Students in Class

It’s now easier to deactivate or delete all the students in a class.

When selecting the ‘select All’ checkbox at the top of the displayed list of students belonging to a class, ALL students in the class are selected, not just the ones displayed on the page.

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CollegeBoard SAT#7 released

CollegeBoard released their 7th practice test this week and we just added the answer key for it to our database.

You can find the actual test on Khan Academy’s site here:

To install our answer key in your Online Score Tracker account, first download the answer key (csv) from here:

Then go to KEYS in your Online Score Tracker account, click on rSAT keys cell in the table, then select Add rSAT Key and specify the downloaded file. It will install with key ID #7.

You can see a full list of our answer keys here:

We will categorize this test within the next 3 weeks and will then make a PREMIUM version of it available through our website.

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Prep.Bubblescan.Net has moved to OnlineScoreTracker.com

When we moved to OnlineScoreTracker in November 2016, we asked that you please update any links so they pointed to OnlineScoreTracker.com instead of Prep.BubbleScan.net.
This week we had some issues with the forwarding and it became apparent that many of our customers are still using the old Prep.BubbleScan.net.

Please, please, use the new OnlineScoreTracker.com domain to access the Online Score Tracker.

We are sorry for any confusion this move might have caused and certainly sympathize with your frustrations experienced this week.

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new WebOMR now in beta

We’ve been working on it for months and now it’s finally in beta: the new WebOMR service.

WebOMR is the part of our solution that reads scanned answer sheets and extracts the marked bubbles on it.

Here is what’s new:

  • Darkest Bubble
  • Sensitivity Settings
  • Sequential Process
  • Complete Test Checking

For the next several weeks we will run the old WebOMR and the new one (we are calling it WebOMR2, I know it’s ingenious) side by side.

To access WebOMR2 (beta) click on the so named link after you’ve entered the test date when getting ready to upload scanned answer sheets:


WebOMR2 looks a little different than what you are used to, but the basic workflow is still the same. The biggest difference is that with WebOMR2 you can’t start the REVIEW process until all uploaded files have been processed. The overlapping of these two steps in the current WebOMR service has lead to confusion (did I review all my uploaded pages?) and in somewhat un-intuitive navigation (you had to close the separate review browser tab after review). Here is a quick overview of how the process works with WebOMR2:webomr2_uploads

  1. Click on the green ADD FILES button to upload files.
    1. Status will be UPLOADING (files are queue and uploaded one at a time)
    2. Status changes to PROCESSING x/y with the number of pages in the file displaying (individual pages are sent to the OMR engine for OMR processing)
    3. Status changes to IN REVIEW (pages are now ready for review)
  2. When ALL files have been processed and are IN REVIEW, you can click the START REVIEW button. The Review works the same as before with just a slightly different interface. We tried to be a little clearer about what pages require review. I hope it’s clear to you from the screen shot below.webomr2_review
  3. As before, you review by clicking on the line of the individual page. Items we saw as errors will be highlighted in red. All fields can be edited by simply typing the new value into the respective field. We are using our new DARKEST BUBBLE feature now. As you can see in the in the image below only the darkest mark is reported when more than one mark is detected.webomr2_review2
  4. Try submitting only one page of a SAT or PSAT and make note of the warning that you are missing a page!
  5. When pages are submitted for grading, WebOMR remains open – with all files still in the REVIEW list. This allows you to fix things like a wrong test ID that won’t get detected until we actually grade the test, without having to repeat the entire process starting with the uploading of scanned answer sheets. This is a bit of a temporary situation. Right now you can change any student response and even the student ID after grading. You can’t change the test ID after grading without having to restart the entire uploading and review process. We intend to change that in the near future and plan to then close down WebOMR automatically.  If you have any feedback on that matter, I’d love to hear it.
  6. In cases where the default sensitivity settings in conjunction with the new DARKEST BUBBLE feature doesn’t suffice, you can now change the sensitivity settings. Please note that you will need to repeat the upload process after changing the settings.
  7. For this first week, WebOMR2 is using a beta version of the OMR engine that is not hosted on the same server as the regular OMR engine. We are beta testing the ‘darkest bubble’ feature for a week. Processing takes a little longer on that server. We intend to update the main OMR engine with the ‘darkest bubble’ feature right after Thanksgiving so that this feature will be available for both the current WebOMR and the new WebOMR2 services.
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As planned, on Nov 7th, 11pm, we moved our domain from Prep.BubbleScan.net to OnlineScoreTracker.com.

Please update any links you use or share with students to the new domain.

For instance if you have been using the url https://prep.bubblescan.net/company/newprep to log into your Online Score Tracker (OST) account, or your students have been using that url to log into their student portal, please start using https://onlinescoretracker.com/company/newprep

If you are using a hosted log in panel on your site – please refer to TOOLS – SITE ACCESS OPTIONS in your OST account for an updated code snippet.

The site has an updated user-interface. Nothing that would require you to learn anything new, just some fresh paint!

The biggest change is that we now support a username for students. In the past, students had to use their numeric student ID to log in. They can still do that. But in addition, they can also use a username now. The username can be up to 30 characters. By default we have set the username to be the numeric student ID, but you or even the student through their student portal can change the username (not the student ID, but the username!).

If you are using our API to automatically create student profiles in your OST account, please refer to TOOLS – PREFERENCES for details about the using the new URL (basically you just need to replace Prep.BubbleScan.net with OnlineScoreTracker.com, and add the username field in your code).

If you are adding student profiles via csv – there is now a new username field that needs to be included. We’ve updated the sample file and instructions:


Students can now change their username and also their email. Clicking on the gear icon in the top right hand corner of their student portal will give them access to that.

More updates are coming.

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Update: Site is Moving

We have rescheduled the moving of our server and domain to November 7,  11pm (MT).

This is in response to customer request to wait until after the SAT test date.

Thanks for your input on the domain name. We will go with OnlineScoreTracker.com.

To recap:

Nov 7, 11pm (MT) PREP.BubbleScan.net will go offline for about 2 hours. During those 2 hours we will move all your data to OnlineScoreTracker.com.

Once the move is complete, the url PREP.BubbleScan.net will point to OnlineScoreTracker.com. Which means all your existing links will still work. But we would encourage you to switch using the new OnlineScoreTracker.com domain to direct your students to their student portal.

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How to Assign Online Tests to Students

BubbleScan allows you to assign “tests” to students that they can take through their individual student portals. You can’t actually share the test with them, but you can provide an online answer sheet that is linked to a particular answer key. When the student submits their online answer sheet it is immediately graded.

Here is how to assign a test to a student or an entire class:

  1. First, verify that online answer sheets are enabled in your account. Go to Tools – Preferences and look for a section titled ONLINE TESTS. Make sure “Enable Online Tests” is selected.
  2. If you want to change any of the default settings, this is the place and time to do it. Default settings can be changed later when you assign the actual tests.
  3. You can then assign any of the ACT, SAT, or PSAT tests that are in your KEYS library to either a student or a class.
  4. To assign an online test to a student, click on USERS and select the student you want to assign the tests to.
  5. Click on the Online Tests tab and then on ADD.
  6. Select all the tests you want to add to the student and then click SAVE.
  7. To remove tests from the student’s account, select the tests listed and then click on “Remove From Student”.
  8. To edit test settings (include/exclude essay, change times, lock the test after time expires) click on the test name, make the changes and the SAVE.
  9. To assign a test to a class, click on CLASSES and select the class you want to assign the tests to. Everything else works the same way as described above.
  10. A student will now be able to log into their student panel, click on the menu option ‘Take A Test’, select the test you have assigned to them and enter his/her responses one section at a time. The sections are graded immediately as soon as the student submits his/her answers.
  11. It is possible to take sections on different days and complete an entire test over time. Unless the test was set up as ‘timed’ students can even go back and edit answers as long as the complete test hasn’t been submitted. As the student submits additional sections for grading, those sections are added to the original test (i.e. under the initial test date). Once a complete test has been submitted that test becomes available to be taken again.
  12. If you enabled it and the student enters an essay through their Student Portal, you (or an instructor) can later view this essay online, leave comments and grades. This is available through the EDIT TEST screen. You can locate a student’s test through the TEST MENU or through the USERS menu. Click on the edit pencil next to the student’s test.onlinetests06
  13. Then click on ESSAY, read the student’s essay, make comments in the section called ‘Grader’s Comments’ and enter the essay scores.
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