ACT / SAT Goals

We added a new feature to OnlineScoreTracker. Admins and students can now set goals for ACT and SAT scores and a target date for when that goal should be accomplished.

Through Tools-Preferences-Web Panel – Student Portal the admin can select to show the goals tile on the student portal.

The student will now see his/her goals every time they log into their student panel.

This new feature is available to all customers using our credits-based billing. If you are one of the few holdouts that would like to switch – please contact us.

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We added the answer key for ACT’s new 1874FPRE test to our database.

1874FPRE is the new, free, and official practice test offered by ACT. Click here to download it:

We provide a detailed student report for this test.

In the OnlineScoreTracker database the 1874FPRE has the key/test ID #66. This is what students bubble in on their BubbleScan-compatible answer sheets.

By default any new keys we add to our database show up in your account with a status of inactive. This is to avoid conflict with any keys you may have added using the same key/test ID. To activate the key, go to KEYS in your OnlineScoreTracker account, then choose ACT. Search for “1874” or scroll to the inactive system key #66 and click on the pencil icon, choose Activate and then click SAVE.

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Updates Summer 2018

New ACT and SAT Keys

Since the last blog entry (back in February) we’ve released several new keys for both ACT and SAT.

We appreciate you, our customers, who share these keys with us so we can update our database very soon after new keys become available. THANK YOU.

All new keys are accessible as system keys through your admin panel in By default new system keys are inactive. To activate a key, click the pencil icon in the EDIT column, change the status to Active and then click SAVE.

The most recent addition is the key for CollegeBoard’s SAT from Apr 2018.

Updates to User Interface

We’ve also tweaked various parts of the User Interface usually associated by a functional change. Most notably was a change to the Student List. You can now select students across multiple screens/searches. E.g. search for Jane Doe, select her; then search for Jonathan Smitty, select him. You now have 2 students selected and you can print bubble sheets for those two. The little counter next to the ‘select all’ box at the top of the list shows you how many students are selected.

A selection is easily cleared through the ACTION dropdown box.

New Test Types

Aside from ACT and SAT/PSAT, all account holders can now also grade tests for SSAT, ISEE, HPST, LSAT. Our generic Test Form 105 is also available at no extra charge.

Coming in the next weeks is support for Subject SAT.

Thank you for your continue business.

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Official ACT Prep Guide – small difference

A customer just pointed it out to us and we immediately addressed it:

The newer version of The Official ACT Prep Guide (ISBN 1119386896) is slightly different from The Official ACT Prep Guide (2016/2017) ( ISBN 1119225418).

The difference is in practice test #1, Math, Question 59.

The questions are both dealing with Triangles, but they are different and so is the correct answer.

Please check which version of the test your students are taking and use the correct key ID to correctly grade those tests.

When grading Test #1 from the current version of the red book use key/test ID 62. When grading Test #1 from the old (2016/2017) version of the red book, use key/test ID 33.

All keys are accessible as system keys through your admin panel in By default new system keys are inactive. Just click on the ‘inactive’ status to toggle it to ‘active’.

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Answer key for ACT A10 (Dec 2017) now available

We just added the answer key for ACT A10 from December 2017 to our database.

The answer key includes the mapping of every question to the new ACT reporting categories.

All answer keys added by us are now  displayed as ‘System Keys’  in your list ACT keys, with a status of “Inactive”.

To use this answer key, simply log into your account, go to ‘KEYS’ – ‘ACT’ – locate Key #61 ACT A10 Dec 2017 and click on the status, it will change from ‘inactive’ to ‘active’.

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More Online Test Options

We added several options to the Online Test properties:


Time Entire Test with Breaks

Online tests can now be administered as timed tests with predetermined breaks.

The student will see a screen like this:

If you have specified a Test Download PDF, the student will see the specified link and a 30 second count-down timer. After 30 seconds the online answer sheet will be displayed.

If you did not specify a Test Download PDF, the student will immediately see the online answer sheet and the official timer starts.

The student will not have the ability to submit each individual section. Instead when the time for the active section expires, the answer sheet will lock, responses for the now locked section are automatically transmitted for grading,  and the next section or specified break will start. There is a minimum 30 second count-down timer between each section.

If audio is not turned off, the student will hear verbal instructions to ‘open the book and begin’, that ‘there are 5 minutes remaining’ and  that the

Time Entire Test with Extended Time (ACT)

If the practice ACT is given with Extended Time the student will see this screen

The student will submit each section when completed. Once submitted the section can not be edited again. The timer will stop after the specified time. At that time all remaining sections are locked.



Verbal Instructions (audio)

If audio is not turned off, the student will hear verbal instructions to ‘open the book and begin’, that ‘there are 5 minutes remaining’ and to ‘stop working on the test’. These instructions are given for all timed tests (by section, entire, extended time).

Allow Student to Change Timer Settings

If a student is allowed to change the timer settings, the student will see this screen as soon as he selects to START the selected test:

Any selections the student makes will override settings made by the admin and will remain in force until the entire test is taken.

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Faster Answer Entry Through Student Portal

We’ve made a couple of improvements to the way students enter their responses through the Student Portal.

These updates will be live Tuesday Oct 10, 2017.


Quickly TYPE in answers

When students click START to open an online answer sheet they will now see this screen, asking them if they want to type in their answers or select them by taping/clicking on-screen buttons (this is the way we’ve always done it in the past).

Students can then type in their responses into the ACT, SAT/PSAT online answer sheets.

Each field will only allow a valid letter responses, i.e. for ACT English all odd questions allow only A,B,C, or D and all even questions allow only F, G, H, J.

Students can enter a capital letter or lower case letter.

As soon as a letter is entered, the cursor advances to the next field.

This makes for super-fast data entry for those students who only use the online answer sheets to transfer their answers from a paper  answer sheet for online grading. The same speed improvements were made recently to the manual data entry forms on the Admin Panel.

Second SUBMIT button at the bottom

One of our customers commented to us recently that it would be useful to have a SUBMIT button at the bottom of the answer sheet. He’s obviously right. Sorry, we didn’t think about that ourselves.

So from now on, no more scrolling to the top of the answer sheet when students are ready to submit their answers.

BTW, the mobile version of this screen has the submit button persistently at the top, so this was a (needed) change only when accessing the online answer sheet from a desktop device.

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Email Notifications for Students

You can now send email notifications to your students.

Your account is pre-loaded with 2 templates of the probably most common email notifications you’ll be sending –to tell them about their online Student Portal and to tell them that their scores are available.

You are of course able to modify our templates as well as add your own.

In this article I will tell you how to send emails, show you how to manage the optional email templates, and introduce you to the Email log

The new email notification feature is free for customers using our credits-based billing and $15/month otherwise (after Oct 1, 2017).

How to send Emails

From either the Classes-Students, Users-Students, or Tests list, select students (or tests) by clicking the selection box in front of each student/test and then select “Email Students” from the Action dropdown box.

You can now load an existing email template and subsequently edit it – or simply type a new email.

We have added a few useful placeholders, that you can use for

  • first name
  • last name
  • username
  • default_password
  • url
  • account

A students actual password in the database is encrypted and even we can’t read it. The password placeholder is the default password you set through Tools-Preferences. Only use this placeholder if your are telling a student about a brand new account with the default password.

The url is your custom url to access your OnlineScoreTracker account.

Account is the same name that shows up in the header of your OnlineScoreTracker. You can change it through Tools – Customize (Web Panel – Select Display Name).  A good use for this is signing an email “Your team at {{account}}”.

Manage (optional) Email Templates

We have pre-loaded your account with two Email templates. You can delete or edit them and add your own.

This is done through Tools – Emails, then select the Templates button/tab:

Email Log

Naturally, you will want to monitor what happens to the emails you send out. The log (accessible via Tools – Emails) will show the following statuses:

  • Processed: Message has been sent. This is a temporary message that will be replaced by one of the other messages.
  • Delivered: Message has been successfully delivered to the receiving server.
  • Dropped: Message has been rejected by the receiving server. Most common is because of a “bounce” due to a wrong email address.
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Answer Key for CollegeBoard Jan 2017 (5MSA15) available

We’ve added the answer key for CollegeBoard’s Jan 2017 (5MSA15) test to our library.

Click here to download the csv, then install it into your account.

The default answer key / test ID that your students will need to bubble in is #70.

Note: If you have other keys you would like to share with our tutoring community, we will gladly capture them and add them for free.

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