July  13, 2022:

We received an email today from Incopro, who are acting in behalf of ACT, threatening legal action against us if we do not remove all copyrighted material from this website.

We are a small business, just barely profitable and standing up to ACT is out of the question.

To comply with their request, we are taking a step back and reverting to the way we did things when we got started. We provide test grading and reporting framework. You provide the tests and answer keys.

Specifically, we will be disabling all ACT SYSTEM KEYS on our websites by August 1, 2022, which allow us to make these adjustments within the 21 day window they provide us. This means after August 1, 2022 you will not be able to use system keys for grading or as a template for your own local keys. All grading of ACT tests will be done using your own local keys.

Any existing reports based on ACT system keys will still be available. None of that data will be removed or affected.

We believe this should not impact your continued business with us. Please contact me (Joerg Weser) if you have any questions.