If anyone wants to give me their input on an updated student report for ACT and SAT, please call or email me. This is the week to send me your thoughts.

Here is what I have so far:

  1. More graphics for the Question Category Analysis. (This will most likely be a progress bar that takes the place of the Incorrect and Omitted Questions part. And this will most likely mean we’ll need more pages. I’m thinking one page for each Test (English, Math, Reading, Science).
  2. Show more tests in the Score History. (This means I will most likely list the tests vertically, instead of horizontally.)
  3. Show the Test Name in the ACT Score History (it’s already in the SAT Score History).
  4. Omit the WRITTEN score from the Score History since very few students actually do a practice essay and it would simply free up some precious real estate in the score history.
  5. Show a BEST score
  6. ¬†Show more color and/or more exciting graphs on the first page. (I like what SSAT is now doing. Maybe we’ll do something like that.)