Meet Ammon, New Tutorial Videos

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New CREDIT-based billing

We now provide a credit-based billing system.

Here is how it works:

  1. You purchase credit packs through your account. You can pay online via credit card or request that we send you an invoice.
  2. One (1) credit will give you unlimited grading for one student for one month.

Here is an example:

  1. Oct 3: You create a student account. The student’s status is IDLE. No charge.
  2. Oct 5: You pre-print bubble sheets for that student. No charge.
  3. Oct 7: You process the scanned bubble sheets and OnlineScoreTracker creates a student report. The student’s account status changes from IDLE to ACTIVE. You can now grade an UNLIMITED number of tests for that student for one month (until Nov 6). You are charged 1 credit.
  4. Nov 7: The student’s status automatically reverts to IDLE. No charge.
  5. Any time after Nov 7: If you grade another test for the student after Nov 6, the student’s status will be ACTIVE again and you’ll be billed one (1) credit.

Naturally, we couldn’t stop there.

We do have a good number of customers who give diagnostic tests at schools in order to win new business. If you are one of those pro-active customers, we, of course, want you to grade those tests using our system. Charging you a full credit seems a little pricey for a one-off diagnosti test, so we came up with a way for you to grade tests for 0.5 credits/test. Tests grade that way will not affect a student’s status (i.e. it remains IDLE).

And to make it even better, we are adding ‘discounted diagnostic tests’ for all who buy at least the 100 credit pack. E.g. when you purchase the 100 credit pack you get 200 discounted diagnostic tests for only 0.1 credit/test. This discount is automatically applied to the first 200 diagnostic tests you grade after purchase. After that the rate goes back to 0.5 credits/test.

You can monitor your credit usage through Tools-Credits. The table on that page records every time a credit or partial credit is used with the student ID of the student that incurred the credit.

And for the very savvy user that of course presents an opportunity: What if your business is such that your students usually don’t take more than 1 or 2 tests/month?

Yes, you can grade all your paper&pencil tests as diagnostic tests.

If you purchase 100 credits for $300 and get 200 discounted diagnostic tests and run ALL your tests as diagnostic tests, you’d be able to grade a total of 360 tests. 200 tests at 0.1 credits/test  for a total of 20 credits. And 160 tests at 0.5 credits/test for a total of 80 credits. That’s $0.83 per test. Pretty good deal! [Pricing in this example is accurate at the time of publication, but subject to change.]

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Pre-Print Bubblesheets

You asked for it, you got it.

You can now pre-print bubblesheets with a student’s name, date, test name, and bubbled-in TestID and StudentID.


To accomplish this select one or more students either from the list of students accessed through the CLASSES menu or through the USERS menu. Then select the ACTION “Print Bubblesheets”,


specify a test date and whether or not you want to include additional ESSAY pages.


We will create a PDF like this:

click on image to view sample PDF

When printing, please remember to print using Adobe Reader or Acrobat and specifying ‘ACTUAL SIZE’. We’ve gotten pretty good at reading shrunken pages, but you’ll get the best OMR reading experience when you start with bubblesheets that are printed at 100%.

And in case you are wondering, no, we don’t actually process the ESSAY pages (yet).  We do have some ideas, but they are only ideas at the moment, not active development projects.

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New Reports for 2017

We have updated, more colorful reports available for you to use.

Our new ACT report looks more like the official ACT report. And our new SAT report, well, it just looks nicer than the one we had before. Judge for yourself:

You can easily select to use these reports through TOOLS-PREFERENCES.

Simply select the 2017 version of the reports and click SAVE.

If for some reason you prefer to switch back at any time, not a problem. Just select the 2016 version of the reports again.

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What happened to INACTIVE?

You probably noticed – and were probably a little confused by the new status values in our STUDENTS list.

We changed these values in preparation for our new billing system.

What used to be INACTIVE is now ARCHIVED/LOCKED.  As before, this is status that you set manually – either by selecting one or more students through the checkbox in the first column and then selecting the Action “Archive/Lock” from the top; or by editing a specific student (click on their student ID, then on the pencil icon). If a student profile is ARCHIVED/LOCKED that student can no longer log into their student portal and you can no longer grade a test for that student. That is exactly the same as was the case with INACTIVE. It really is just a name change.

What used to be ACTIVE is now either ACTIVE or IDLE. ACTIVE means a test was graded for that student within the last month. IDLE means a test was not graded for that student in the last month.

With the new billing system you are charged one ‘credit’ for an ACTIVE student. You can grade an unlimited number of tests for an ACTIVE student without incurring additional charges. If you are a customer who hasn’t upgraded to the new credit system (and we will honor our previous agreement, you are welcome to stay at your current plan for the next 2 years for sure) then you will still be billed for ACTIVE or IDLE (or in other words all students who are not ARCHIVED/LOCKED).

One of the main reasons for the new billing system is that we have a lot of customers who find it difficult to manage their students’ status (i.e. they forget to deactivate student accounts) or they want to keep the student accounts open so their students can still access their student portal and view their scores. Under the old system this mean you paid for each month that you didn’t deactivate a student account. With the new ‘credit’ system, you no longer have to manage students’ status. A student’s status goes to IDLE (=not billed) automatically one month after they went ACTIVE (due to a test being graded for them).

We would like all of our current customers to upgrade to the new ‘credit’ based billing system. Although you pay more for each credit we believe you will find that you end up saving, and not just in the long run, but immediately. A separate blog article will explain this in more detail.

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Diagnostic Tests

‘Diagnostic Test’ – What is it and how does it work?

Our intention was to provide you, our tutoring customer, the ability to offer diagnostic tests to schools or large groups of people without paying a full credit to have each test graded. But it became apparent very quickly, even before we had announced it, that there were at least two uses for this new feature:

  1. Use it as a promotional tool (as we had intended it) or
  2. Use it for your day-to-day business if your students aren’t taking more than one (1) test per month.

I will explain the second use in this article. A description of the using ‘diagnostic test’ grading as a promotional tool will be covered in a separate article next week.

Using ‘Diagnostic Tests’ for your day-to-day business to grade infrequent tests

If you grade tests using our system you will pay 1 credit for one month of unlimited test grading for a student. It’s a really good deal. But what if your student only takes one (1) test every 6 weeks or so? If you process their test as a ‘Diagnostic Test’ then you’ll only pay 0.5 credit for that test. And if you purchased at least 100 credits and received the 200 discounted diagnostic tests, you’ll only pay 0.1 credits. That is quite a saving!

Grading a ‘diagnostic test’ for a student who is already in your system is really no different than grading a test the ‘regular’ way. The one difference is the starting point.



For regular tests (1 credit = unlimited testing for one month) you can click on ‘Upload PDFs/TIFs of Scanned Answer Sheets’ from either the home page or from the TESTS page.

To grade a ‘Diagnostic Test’, click on ‘Setup a Promotional Diagnostic Test’ on the TESTS page.


Then click on ‘Grade Diagnostic Tests’. From that point on the process is exactly the same as when grading a ‘regular’ test.

Be aware: Grading tests as ‘Diagnostic Tests’ always incurs the 0.5 (or 0.1) credit charge.  Even students who would otherwise be covered by the the ‘unlimited grading for 1 month’ will incur a 0.5 (or 0.1) credit charge if their test is graded as a ‘Diagnostic Test’

Please note:

  • ‘Diagnostic Test’ grading is only available to customers using one of CREDIT plans.
  • Discounted diagnostic test credits do not ‘roll over’. They are tied to credits purchased with the ‘Credit Pack’, i.e. when you have used up the credits purchased with the Credit Pack, any unused discounted diagnostic test credits received with that purchase will expire.
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Answer key for ACT 74F from April 2017 is now available

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CollegeBoard SAT #8 available

SAT #8 from CollegeBoard is now available.

Download the actual test here:

We’ve added the answer key for it to our database.

You can download the answer key (csv file!) from here:

To install the key in your account:

  1. Log in as Admin
  2. Go to KEYS then click on the table entry for the number of rSAT keys installed in your account
  3. Click on Add rSAT Key and follow the prompts to upload the answer key (csv) file.
  4. The new key will installed as Key/Test ID #8.

A premium version of the key will be available within the next 2 weeks.

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Planned Downtime

In an effort to improve performance of our growing OnlineScoreTracker site, we are upgrading the server hardware.

This will lead to some service disruptions Tuesday, 4/18 starting at 8pm MDT.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

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Looking into Q2/2017

Here is what’s coming:

A quick run-down of features we are planning to add during the second quarter of 2017.

Thank you for your continued support and feedback (and patience). If you have any comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

  • Moving site to more powerful server to improve response times (planned for Apr 10, 11pm MDT)
  • Option for students to enter their responses into our online answer sheets via keystroke rather than selecting a bubble
  • Ability to pre-slug answer sheets with student name and ID.
  • Updated (more colorful) ACT and SAT reports
  • Improved management of answer keys and category maps

and then we might already be spilling into the third quarter:

  • Notify students via email that reports have been posted
  • Mobile ACT and SAT reports
  • BubbleScan Mobile (ability to ‘scan’ a paper bubble sheet using a smart phone)
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