‘Diagnostic Test’ – What is it and how does it work?

Our intention was to provide you, our tutoring customer, the ability to offer diagnostic tests to schools or large groups of people without paying a full credit to have each test graded. But it became apparent very quickly, even before we had announced it, that there were at least two uses for this new feature:

  1. Use it as a promotional tool (as we had intended it) or
  2. Use it for your day-to-day business if your students aren’t taking more than one (1) test per month.

I will explain the second use in this article. A description of the using ‘diagnostic test’ grading as a promotional tool will be covered in a separate article next week.

Using ‘Diagnostic Tests’ for your day-to-day business to grade infrequent tests

If you grade tests using our system you will pay 1 credit for one month of unlimited test grading for a student. It’s a really good deal. But what if your student only takes one (1) test every 6 weeks or so? If you process their test as a ‘Diagnostic Test’ then you’ll only pay 0.5 credit for that test. And if you purchased at least 100 credits and received the 200 discounted diagnostic tests, you’ll only pay 0.1 credits. That is quite a saving!

Grading a ‘diagnostic test’ for a student who is already in your system is really no different than grading a test the ‘regular’ way. The one difference is the starting point.



For regular tests (1 credit = unlimited testing for one month) you can click on ‘Upload PDFs/TIFs of Scanned Answer Sheets’ from either the home page or from the TESTS page.

To grade a ‘Diagnostic Test’, click on ‘Setup a Promotional Diagnostic Test’ on the TESTS page.


Then click on ‘Grade Diagnostic Tests’. From that point on the process is exactly the same as when grading a ‘regular’ test.

Be aware: Grading tests as ‘Diagnostic Tests’ always incurs the 0.5 (or 0.1) credit charge.  Even students who would otherwise be covered by the the ‘unlimited grading for 1 month’ will incur a 0.5 (or 0.1) credit charge if their test is graded as a ‘Diagnostic Test’

Please note:

  • ‘Diagnostic Test’ grading is only available to customers using one of CREDIT plans.
  • Discounted diagnostic test credits do not ‘roll over’. They are tied to credits purchased with the ‘Credit Pack’, i.e. when you have used up the credits purchased with the Credit Pack, any unused discounted diagnostic test credits received with that purchase will expire.