Premium Answer Key for SAT #8 Available

The premium answer key for SAT Practice Test #8 from CollegeBoard is now available.

A premium key is one where we have mapped every question to one of our custom categories, such as “Words in Context: Meaning” or “Heart or Algebra: Create Equations”.

An analysis of how a student did within each category is printed on pages 2 and 3 of the student report.

All customers can easily create their own list of custom categories and then map each question of a given answer key to one of those categories. This is a standard feature and many of our tutoring customers rightfully take pride in the value their custom question mapping provides to their students. For tutors who don’t want to take the time to do this, we offer our ‘premium answer keys’ where this mapping has been done.

Our SAT categories are listed here:

We offer premium keys for all 8 of CollegeBoard’s SAT Practice tests. Customers who pay for their OnlineScoreTracker usage with ‘credits’ will receive this upgrade at no charge. For customers under a previous billing plan we will install each premium key for only $45. Once installed you can make use of the key forever.

Please contact us to request one (or all 8) of the answer keys.

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Answer Key for ACT 74C (June 2017) now available

We just added the answer key for ACT 74C from June 2017 to our database.

The answer key includes the mapping of every question to the new ACT reporting categories.

We’ve also updated the answer key for ACT 74F (Apr 2017), which before was missing the reporting categories.

As a valued customer you have free access to these answer keys. You can download them from here:



Or from our web site:

To install an answer key:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Select KEYS – ACT(2016) keys
  3. Click on “ADD ACT (2016) answer key”
  4. Select to “Upload compatible file” , click <Continue>
  5. Browse to the csv file you previously downloaded and upload it to your account.
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Pioneer Day Sale

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In June 2017 we switched to a new credit-based billing system. For more information on that, click here.

The purpose of this article is to discuss why or why not existing customers may want to switch to this new system.  But before we do this, let me clarify. No current customer has to make that switch. We appreciate your business, we value you as a customer, without you we wouldn’t be here.  If you don’t see any value now or at any time in the future to switch to the new credit-based billing, you are welcome to stay with what you have.

Here is what I will advise you to do:
Monitor how much you pay under your current plan and compare that to what you would have paid under the credit plan. Under Tools-Credits you can see how many credits you would have used every month. If you are interested we will provide a proposal of how we can turn your pre-paid annual plan or recent (last 6 months) purchases of premium keys into credits.

Here is a quick overview of the differences between the two plans:

 Feature/Benefit  New Credit Plan  Old Subscription Plan
Billing Frequency  Buy more credits when you need it. They are good for one year.  Annual or monthly; many annual customers receive a monthly bill for overage, which at times can be a bit of a nuisance
 Seasonality  Credits are good for a year. Seasons of inactivity (i.e. no grading) do not incur any charges.  You pay for a fixed number of students depending on your plan, regardless if you are grading any tests or not.
 Premium Keys  All of our premium keys (answers are mapped to categories) are included  $35+ per premium key
 Diagnostic Test Billing  0.5 or 0.1 credits/test No separate diagnostic testing mode. You pay per student/month depending on what plan you subscribed to.
 Diagnostic Test ‘Kit’  We are still working on it and will talk more about in a few weeks. Basically, you can print bubble sheets with ‘pre-registered’ student information (i.e. just a Student ID) and then add a name to that student ID after the student has taken the test. This will be a standard feature for customers using ‘credits’  Not available.
 Management of Student Status  The system will automatically change a student’s status from ACTIVE to IDLE (when the one month of UNLIMITED grading expires) and from IDLE to ACTIVE when a new test is graded. Unless you want to Archive/Lock student accounts, there is no need to spend time managing students’ account statuses.  Need to manually deactivate students who are no longer using the system.
Student Access to Student Panel No additional charge. As long as you permit it, by not setting a student’s account status to Archived/Locked, a student can access their OnlineScoreTracker student portal. We like to think this presents an opportunity to stay in front of previous customers for potentially more business. You are billed for one student/month to give a student access to their student portal, whether or not the student actually logs in or not.
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Meet Ammon, New Tutorial Videos

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New CREDIT-based billing

We now provide a credit-based billing system.

Here is how it works:

  1. You purchase credit packs through your account. You can pay online via credit card or request that we send you an invoice.
  2. One (1) credit will give you unlimited grading for one student for one month.

Here is an example:

  1. Oct 3: You create a student account. The student’s status is IDLE. No charge.
  2. Oct 5: You pre-print bubble sheets for that student. No charge.
  3. Oct 7: You process the scanned bubble sheets and OnlineScoreTracker creates a student report. The student’s account status changes from IDLE to ACTIVE. You can now grade an UNLIMITED number of tests for that student for one month (until Nov 6). You are charged 1 credit.
  4. Nov 7: The student’s status automatically reverts to IDLE. No charge.
  5. Any time after Nov 7: If you grade another test for the student after Nov 6, the student’s status will be ACTIVE again and you’ll be billed one (1) credit.

Naturally, we couldn’t stop there.

We do have a good number of customers who give diagnostic tests at schools in order to win new business. If you are one of those pro-active customers, we, of course, want you to grade those tests using our system. Charging you a full credit seems a little pricey for a one-off diagnosti test, so we came up with a way for you to grade tests for 0.5 credits/test. Tests grade that way will not affect a student’s status (i.e. it remains IDLE).

And to make it even better, we are adding ‘discounted diagnostic tests’ for all who buy at least the 100 credit pack. E.g. when you purchase the 100 credit pack you get 200 discounted diagnostic tests for only 0.1 credit/test. This discount is automatically applied to the first 200 diagnostic tests you grade after purchase. After that the rate goes back to 0.5 credits/test.

You can monitor your credit usage through Tools-Credits. The table on that page records every time a credit or partial credit is used with the student ID of the student that incurred the credit.

And for the very savvy user that of course presents an opportunity: What if your business is such that your students usually don’t take more than 1 or 2 tests/month?

Yes, you can grade all your paper&pencil tests as diagnostic tests.

If you purchase 100 credits for $300 and get 200 discounted diagnostic tests and run ALL your tests as diagnostic tests, you’d be able to grade a total of 360 tests. 200 tests at 0.1 credits/test  for a total of 20 credits. And 160 tests at 0.5 credits/test for a total of 80 credits. That’s $0.83 per test. Pretty good deal! [Pricing in this example is accurate at the time of publication, but subject to change.]

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Pre-Print Bubblesheets

You asked for it, you got it.

You can now pre-print bubblesheets with a student’s name, date, test name, and bubbled-in TestID and StudentID.


To accomplish this select one or more students either from the list of students accessed through the CLASSES menu or through the USERS menu. Then select the ACTION “Print Bubblesheets”,


specify a test date and whether or not you want to include additional ESSAY pages.


We will create a PDF like this:

click on image to view sample PDF

When printing, please remember to print using Adobe Reader or Acrobat and specifying ‘ACTUAL SIZE’. We’ve gotten pretty good at reading shrunken pages, but you’ll get the best OMR reading experience when you start with bubblesheets that are printed at 100%.

And in case you are wondering, no, we don’t actually process the ESSAY pages (yet).  We do have some ideas, but they are only ideas at the moment, not active development projects.

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New Reports for 2017

We have updated, more colorful reports available for you to use.

Our new ACT report looks more like the official ACT report. And our new SAT report, well, it just looks nicer than the one we had before. Judge for yourself:

You can easily select to use these reports through TOOLS-PREFERENCES.

Simply select the 2017 version of the reports and click SAVE.

If for some reason you prefer to switch back at any time, not a problem. Just select the 2016 version of the reports again.

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